Aug 16, 2012

How to be effective in agile way ?

During my thinking of agile and how I can be happy at work (thanks to flow book ) I found 3 ideas that guide creation of a lot of lean/agile practices:
  • inspect and adapt - understand where you are and what can be changed. Retrospectives and demo are good example of it implemented.
  • art of possible - what can be done better or automated or ignored? Facing your challenges provoke your brain to work on solution, even unconsciously
  • timeframe - plan is not a plan without reasonable timing. that's why proper stand-up meeting and iterations timing give you a lot of information to think about and be in touch with reality. Pomodoro technique is a great example of this on personal level. 
Details on these practices will be discussed in later posts.
Interesting question here is how personal practices corelate with team practices, for example pair programming and TDD ? And how personal effectiveness causes/permits team effectiveness?

I really should mention The 3 Pillars of Personal Effectiveness in this post, very interesting reading in GTD category.

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